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About Survival Shooting

Survival Shooting was established by Goran Lozo in 2009.

Survival Shooting LLC was established back in 2009 by Goran Lozo, retired security expert. Goran served as an executive protection agent for politicians, CEOs and celebrities. Goran repeatedly risked his life to successfully protect Serbian opposition leaders during the dangerous dictatorship of Slobodan Milosevic.

A war veteran and special operations team member, Goran was honorably discharged at the rank of Sergeant and later served as an instructor in weapons and self-defense for the Serbian Police Special Purpose Units.

Also, Goran was a very successful professional athlete. His professional karate career included winning multiple national and international championships. He was a member of the Yugoslavian National Karate Team from 1992-97, winning a bronze medal in the Super Heavy Weight Point Karate World Championships in 1995, and he was awarded a 6th Degree Black Belt in 2012.